Genuport Trade GmbH

Genuport Trade GmbH is the competent and independent marketing and sales organisation for international brand articles: The company, which was founded in 1949, belongs to today's largest import organisations and distributors of delicacies and food in all of Germany. When it was founded, Genuport was known for the sales of sweets. Today items such as sweet pastries, chocolate, salty snacks, children's articles, cereals, spreads, gourmet food and beverages are part of the portfolio. Genuport is currently managing the marketing and sales Prozess for more than 20 large national and international food brands. The strong and complex key account management in combination with the extensive field service guarantee an individual client support as well as the excellent contact to all food distribution channels in Germany and Austria. Thus, all well-known self-service warehouses, consumer markets and supermarkets, warehouses and department stores, C+C markets, drug stores, discounters, and convenience shops are clients.