Experience can never be replaced

In the year 1949 Guntram Peiser established the company Peiser & Co. as a ”garage“ company with the aim of marketing confectionery across the whole of Germany. After only a short time Mr Peiser began to aquire other import organisations in Germany.

In 1971 through the amalgamation of independent foodstuffs importers, Genuport Genussmittel Import GmbH & Co. KG was established. The name Genuport was created from a combination of the German words “GENUssmittel” (semi-luxury foods) and “ImPORT”.

By the end of the eighties Genuport was already one of the most important Distributors in the foodstuffs branch for the marketing of confectionery in Germany. In 1989 Dr. Uwe Lebens took over the leadership of Genuport GmbH & Co. KG alongside Guntram Peiser.

In the nineties the organisation reported huge growth. In 1996 Genuport turned into a Public Limited Company. The Genuport Trade AG was born. Meanwhile, also companies such as Kraft Foods, Novartis and Sara Lee et al. have entrusted their products to Genuport for marketing and distribution.

Today, Genuport Trade AG is the largest importer and distributor of confectionery in Germany. Beverages complement the Portfolio. With strong brands, innovative marketing concepts and a motivated team, Genuport Trade AG also wants to grow in the future and successfully develop the confectionery and beverages sectors further together with retailers.