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Caotina: this unsurpassable Swiss cocoa indulgence has been produced in Switzerland by the company Wander in Neuenegg since 1963. Thanks to its superior taste and richness, this premium chocolate powder is often referred to as the “Queen” or “Rolls Royce” of cocoa.

A diverse range
There’s plenty of variety since Caotina Blanc and Noir – the white and dark chocolate powder – joined the original milk chocolate version to braoden the assortment in 2008. The white chocolate dream contains 17% real Swiss chocolate and the dark chocolate indulgence is made up of 43% cocoa and 7% Swiss chocolate. All chocolate fans will be able to find their own personal highlight by Caotina. Not only the delicious taste will make your heart beat faster - as was discovered in the 18th century, cocoa also has a positive effect on your health, particularly on the cardiovascular system. The vitamins and minerals contained in Caotina increase its feel-good factor!

A classic taste experience for true gourmets! Made with real Swiss chocolate, Caotina offers a wonderful choice of cocoa treats. Caotina original with finest milk chocolate, Caotina Noir with dark chocolate or Caotina Blanc with tender delicate white chocolate ensure an unforgettable chocolate sensation!

For home-use, Caotina is available in 200g and 500g tins. When you’re on the go, the practical portion packs containing 15g of cocoa powder each are ideal!

Drinking Powder

The classic for a full taste experience of milk chocolate for discerning connoisseurs! For home, the Caotina 200g or 500g tins are ideal, for out and about the portion packs each with 15g of cocoa powder!

Caotina blanc, 500g
Caotina noir, 500g
Caotina original Sticks, 10x15g
Caotina original, 200g
Caotina original, 500g