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Côte d´Or

The dark Côte d’Or chocolate is internationally renowned for its intense chocolate flavour and distinct logo, featuring a white elephant on a red background. Extremely popular all around the world, this unique range of chocolates is also available in Germany. Years of experience in the selection, composition and processing of raw materials guarantees premium quality with a high percentage of quality cocoa beans from the best cultivation areas in the world.

A Belgian chocolatier named Charles Neuhaus developed his first chocolate recipe in 1883. He named it after the area where he found most of the cocoa beans for his chocolate: Côte d’Or, which means “Golden Coast” (West Africa) in English. An important quality characteristic of the chocolate is its slightly shiny surface. Côte d’Or is produced in Belgium and more than fulfils the high standards of GREAT Belgian chocolate.

Brussels Bars

For lovers of big chocolate bars!

Milk Chocolate with Whole Nuts 200g
Milk Chocolate with Raisins and Nuts 200g
Dark Chocolate with Almonds 200g
Dark Chocolate with Nuts 200g

Special praline creations for your own enjoyment or to share with others!

Bouchée Lait 200g

Luxurious variations of fine chocolate bars with an intense flavour.

Sensations Brut 86% 100g
Sensations Intense 70% 100g