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Cräx – these are savoury, crispy oven baked cheese pastry specialities from the Netherlands. With their hint of fine aromatic cheese they taste excellent with beer or wine. Also try Cräx as a small, delicate treat inbetween meals, any time of day.

CRÄX - Cheese puff pastry

Ideal snack treats with a hint of fine aromatic cheese to share or simply for one's own enjoyment.

Cheese - filo pastry sticks mix, 100g
Cheese crispies, 100g
CRÄX - Cheese Biscuits

Light cheese pastries in four varieties – delicate nibbles for any time of the day.

Gouda and Edam, 75g
Cheese with Herbs, 60g
Butter cheese biscuits with parmesan, 100g
Butter cheese puff pastry with mustard and honey, 100g
Olives and tomatoes, 75g
Waffles with cheese, 75g