Daim – an irresistible combination of crunchy butter, almond, caramel and finest milk chocolate with over 50 years of history. This yummy product with a Swedish tradition is not only popular with young chocolate-lovers.
Whether you prefer pralines, chocolate drops or bars - Daim promises delicious, crunchy fun and is a great treat to give away, share or simply to enjoy on your own.
For a completely different Daim experience, try McDonald’s Daim McFlurry (usually available from April to June) or the scrumptious Marabou chocolate bar with real chunks of Daim.

Daim, that is crunchy in Swedish! Unique chocolate with butter, almond and caramel – it all starts with your first Daim.

Assortment of our manufacturer Daim

Daim Dragees

Enjoy! You won’t want to share these delicious butter and almond chunks covered with finest milk chocolate!

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Daim Pralines

To give and to enjoy alone: The individually wrapped pralines, the classic of the Daim assortment, are always quickly devoured.

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Daim Bars

Crunchy enjoyment for in between meals or for enjoyment for two – the Daim fingers offer lots.

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