The sign of the towers...
The Cologne industrialists Emil Pfeifer, Eugen Langen and Valentin Pfeifer founded Pfeifer and Langen in 1870. It was not long before the Rhineland area developed into the centre of the modern sugar beet economy. Today, Pfeifer & Langen is one of the most important sugar producers in Germany and offers a large variety of high-quality products under the brand names Kölner Zucker and Diamant Zucker.

...and two sugar loaves
Just as the cathedral with its towers represents a landmark for the city of Cologne, the two sugar loaves in the company logo stand for the quality and excellence of Kölner Zucker and Diamant Zucker's product range.

Sugar-sweet diversity
The product ranges of Kölner Zucker and Diamant Zucker are extremely diverse. In addition to the well-known sugar and rock candy specialties for your household, Pfeifer & Langen supplies a multitude of products to the manufacturing industry, e.g. refined sugars in different crystal sizes, brown candy sugar, inverted sugar syrups and caramel syrups, fructose as well as a multitude of sugar specialties, which are mostly tailored to suit the specific needs of individual customers.


Assortment of our manufacturer Diamant


Create your own ice cream at home - with Diamant "Eiszauber": Do it yourself without an ice cream machine and enjoy creamy, delicious, homemade ice cream!

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Diamant "Gelierzauber"

Create your own fruity spread witout cooking it - just use Diamant "Gelierzauber" and enjoy it after 45 seconds.

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