The spelt specialties by ERBACHER
A healthy, balanced diet is extremely important in this day and age.
With their impressive range of delicious spelt specialties, ERBACHER, a family business from Franconia/Northern Bavaria, proves that healthy food can taste great, too!    

For the famous12th century abbess, Hildegard of Bingen, spelt was the ultimate universal remedy. She recommended a diet based on this nutritional grain to healthy and ailing people alike. Spelt covers the grain like a shield to protect it from harmful substances in the air and rain. Thanks to its purity and its abundance of essential vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids and protein, this ancient grain is currently experiencing a comeback.  

At ERBACHER, the many health benefits of spelt are implemented effectively to cater to the actual needs of the consumer. To guarantee top quality and product security, ERBACHER only uses regionally-grown spelt, conducts extensive quality checks in their own laboratories and draws upon decades of experience in manufacturing healthy food products.

Due to intelligent product development, up-to-date production processes and the premium spelt, ERBACHER spelt specialties are not only almost all low in fat and high in fibre, they taste great, too!

“Many people believe that a healthy diet means that eating can’t be delicious and fun. We want to clear up this misconception,” says nutritional expert Eva-Maria Kötter. The sweet and savoury spelt snacks and breakfast cereals promise feel-good treats for the whole day.

Spelt is suitable for people with wheat allergies and has many other benefits in terms of nutritianal physiology. Athletes and other health-conscious individuals are therefore placing more and more value on spelt as an integral part of a balanced diet.

Assortment of our manufacturer ERBACHER

Erbacher Spelt Muesli

The healthy breakfast with the best of spelt! These delicious spelt mueslis are produced in Germany with spelt grown in the region. ERBACHER implements “green electricity”, which is produced using alternative energy sources. Only top quality ingredients are used! The ERBACHER spelt products are low in fat and sugar yet full of proteins, minerals, vitamins and fibre! Spelt is nourishing, easy to digest, tastes delicious and is therefore a great alternative for many people who are allergic to wheat. A fantastic solution!

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Erbacher Spelt Roasties

Crack up with these crisssssssssspy, crunchy Roasties! Snacks are the most fun when they really go crunch! People are starting to watch what they nibble. Not all snacks are the same; the low-fat varieties are easier to digest and better for your figure. So if you’re looking for a really nourishing treat, go for real crrrrrunch with spelt! By the way: The ERBACHER Spelt Roasties range now includes Spelt Roasties Barbeque with a delicious sour cream and paprika seasoning. Thanks to a new manufacturing method, the ERBACHER Spelt Roasties are crispier than ever! And, of course, ERBACHER Spelt Roasties only contain 15 % fat!

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