The yummy Marshmallow Fluff spread by US-manufacturing company Durkee Mower in Lynn, Massachusetts, doesnít just sweeten breakfast time in America. Itís extremely popular in Germany, too!

Fluff is a true American classic! Marshmallow Fluff is still produced using the same recipe developed over 75 ago and itís the only marshmallow cream made in this manner. The special manufacturing process uses only the finest ingredients, which makes Marshmallow Fluff so deliciously fluffy and smooth. And itís totally free of artificial preservatives.

In this country, the sweet marshmallow cream is available as vanilla or strawberry Fluff and can be used for cooking, baking or simply as a delicious sandwich spread!  

Our insiderís tip - the Fluffernutter Sandwich:
You canít get much more American than this! The Fluffernutter is one of the most popular sandwiches in the USA. Spread one slice of toast with Marshmallow Fluff and another with peanut butter, put them together and your delightful American Fluffernutter is done!

Assortment of our manufacturer Fluff

Marshmallow Cream

An American original. The fine marshmallow cream is available in two flavours for a tasty breakfast alternative Ė with 0g fat!

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