"Bob's" are classic and up-to-date children’s sweets for nibbling, playing and discovering, products that have successfully been appealing to children’s hearts timelessly, in some cases for generations.

Assortment of our manufacturer Bob's

Bob’s Magic

These 18 new Bob’s Magic bags of sweets are innovative, suitable for children and “cool” – in terms of design as well as content! The bright green packaging attracts attention on the confectionary shelf in stores and entices children to try the product. Regarded as a whole, the bag of sweets looks like a funny green monster with sweets in his mouth that is smiling and winking at the children and their parents. One bag is just the right size for one “portion” of sweets and is neither too large nor too small!

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Bob´s Speck

Bob´s Speck marshmallows are simply scrumptious and the perfect treat for marshmallow fans of all ages.

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