The kingly chocolate indulgence from Sweden: incomparably tasty through the fine hint of caramel and the creamy, delicate melt.

This Premium assortment with extraordinary taste variations fulfils all chocolate wishes and has the right product for every occasion:

  • For the whole family or to enjoy alone the 250g bar
  • For out and about, the 74g rolls

Marabou is the purveyor to the court of HM the King of Sweden and the most significant chocolate manufacturer in Scandinavia.

The secret of the recipe lies in the harmony of the raw materials and manufacturing process. Through usage of the very best ingredients and a manufacturing process especially good for the completeness of taste, a chocolate of the highest purity is prepared under diligent control by Marabou.

74g Rolls

The Roll assortment for out and about offers three great taste variations:

Marabou Roll Daim
Marabou Roll Mint-Choko
Marabou Roll Whole Milk
Marabou Bar

with five incomparable taste compositions the Bar range really offers something special for every taste:

Marabou Bar Orange and Brittle
Marabou Bar Crispy Mint
Marabou Bar Daim
Marabou Bar Fruit & Almond
Marabou Bar Licorice
Marabou Bar Whole Milk
Marabou Bar Whole Milk Nut