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Most loved British Biscuits

made with natural ingredients and fibre

McVitie's, the best biscuit from traditional England – for the whole family and for every day.

The recipe was created by the young employee Alexander Grant, whereupon the scrumptious biscuits went into production in 1892. Digestives Original are made of wheat and whole wheat flour, gently baked and naturally do not contain any artificial colours or flavouring. Additionally, these biscuits are also free of hardened vegetable fats. The biscuits not only have a unique taste, they are a rich source of fibres, too.

Digestive is the highest selling biscuit brand in England and therefore England's favourite biscuit. McVitie’s Digestives are enjoyed by many people around the world and are exported to over 100 foreign markets!

McVitie’s – four factors for success:

  • unique taste
  • valuable grains
  • only natural aromas and colourings
  • no hardened fats


Digestive Chocolate Caramel, 300g
Digestive Dark Chocolate, 200g
Digestive Milk Chocolate, 200g
Digestive Original, 250g
Digestive Creams
Digestive Creams Choco, 205g
Digestive Creams Vanilla, 205g

The Original and Milk Chocolate: Made with oats and wholemeal flour, one side dipped in milk chocolate.

HobNobs Milk Chocolate, 300g
HobNobs Original, 300g