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Rocky Mountain Marshmallows

Rocky Mountain Marshmellows is in the USA the brand with the highest quality standards and market leader. As early as the `50s company founder Alex Doumak developed the modern marshmellow production process based on extrusion. Today this process is copied by many, without achieving the quality of the original.
Rocky Mountain Marshmellows excels with its incomparibly fluffy, light product consistence, a balanced sweetness and alluringly fragrant vanilla aroma. Additionaly, the aroma-porous foil lets the aroma act on senses. Rocky Mountain Marshmellows are only available in the classical round form.

The well known tradition from the USA of toasting marshmellows over an open fire is also in fashion here. With Rocky Mountain Marshmellows barbecues become an event and a real adventure for adults and children.
Rocky Mountain Marshmellows are optimally tuned to this American tradition.

  • Outstanding melting characteristics take care of a perfect caramelisation of the outside through toasting and a fluid centre.
  • Spraying the surface with starch during production prevents, incidentally, burning over the flame.

Alongside, other typical American uses are also becoming more and more popular in Germany: Marshmellow Fruit Kebabs, Marshmellow Muffins or Mini Marshmellows as a sweetener for cocoa drinks are not an insider`s tip any longer, rather varied highlights at numerous chlidren’s birthday parties or familiy get-togethers.

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