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The Swiss traditions-brand Roland – The Swiss Bakery since 1939 – has been producing nibble specialities for high demands for almost 70 years. In Switzerland the Roland Rusks and Roland Crispbread belong to the most popular nibbling products of Swiss consumers as well. The Roland production facility lies in Murten in the charming three-lake cereal growing region, famous for culinary tradition and vitality. Here, in the „bread basket“ of Switzerland, the Roland quality products are produced from select raw materials predominantly of Swiss origin. Also in Germany, Roland, with its premium products with Swiss quality gaurantee has successfully won over the consumer.


Roland Pretzels

Roland Pretzels is the premium product in the salt pretzel segment – the only hand-knotted pretzel with incomparable crispness. A special treat for pleasurable moments.

Pretzel Classic 100g
Pretzeli Rosmarin
Pretzel Sesame
Roland Swiss Flûtes/Stöckli

Roland Swiss Flûtes/Stöckli are airy, light pastry sticks and a special treat for that cosy get-together. Ideal with soup, cheese or cold cuts as well as with wine aperitifs.

Swiss Flûtes/Stöckli Salted
Swiss Flûtes/Stöckli Cheese
Swiss Flûtes/Stöckli Sesame
Swiss Flûtes/Stöckli „Dreikorn“
Roland Swiss Apéro

Indulgence in its most beautiful shape: the "Swiss Apéro" puff pastry sticks, delicately twisted with over 20% butter. A sophisticated nibble to accompany fine wines or aperitifs. The diverse selection of flavours and the premium ingredients guarantee a delightful treat for all palates.

Roland Swiss Apéro Gruyère-Spinach
Roland Swiss Apéro Cheese-Poppyseed
Roland Swiss Apéro Cheese-Onion
Roland Swiss Apéro Kalamata-Olives
Roland Swiss Twist

Delicious specialty nibbles for high demands. Enticing puff pastry treats baked with pure butter and freshly packaged according to the highest Swiss quality standards.

Mini Twist salted
Mini Twist Cheese
Swiss Twist Alpine Salt
Swiss Twist Swiss cheese
Roland Snack Pearls and Sticks

Tasty pretzel snack variations for pleasant company and even more fun whilst snacking.

Snack Pearls
Roland Petite Pause

Petite Pause breakfast biscuits are not only a delicious snack for on-the-go, but also rich in calcium, magnesium and fibre. Petite Pause breakfast biscuits are a delicious and convenient addition that also supports a healthy, balanced diet.

Petite Pause: Chocolat-Céréales
Petite Pause: Fruits
Petite Pause: Lait-Céréales