Snyder´s of Hanover is the No. 1 Salt Pretzel brand in the USA. Since 1909 America`s Pretzel Bakery has been producing unique party snacks with cult status.
The secret of success lies in the convincing combination of unique taste experiences and unusual forms.
Also in Germany these products have -  hip and impressive – in the meantime left an impression on the consumers  and reached a continually growing target group. Whether young or old, the original impresses through this unique taste and the incomparably crispy consistence.

Assortment of our manufacturer Snyder's

Snyder’s Pretzel Pieces

The original Snyder´s Pretzel Pieces are the star on every party buffet, they also spice up the next BBQ as well as an evening at home.The Pretzels, broken into smaller pieces, are offered in four unique taste variations.

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