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The terms Twinings and tea are inseparable. In fact, in the eyes of many satisfied customers around the world, Twinings has become a synonym for tea.
Ten generations of the Twinings family have been at the forefront of the tea trade, influencing the way we drink our tea as well as the development of the entire industry. Twinings of London has stood for exquisite tea-enjoyment since 1706 and was the first British tea to conquer the German market. Twinings Tea has continued to be an inspiration to German tea-drinkers ever since. As the inventors of the highest selling tea of all times – Earl Grey and Lady Grey – Twinings can be regarded as the highest authority on black tea. Innovative selection packs are available from all ranges and contain 5 different types of tea – the ideal way to test new flavours or for bringing more variety to your teacup!

Enjoy Healthily: Over 83% of Germans drink tea, the ladies in fact 94%. Alongside the taste, above all health and wellness demands are crucial to the consumer. Demands which Twinings meets cup for cup. The most important ingredient of black and green tea are stimulating caffeine and B vitamins. The caffeine is slowly absorbed into the body. Heart and circulation are not – as opposed to when drinking coffee – put under strain. The metabolism and blood circulation are stimulated: concentration and reactions are improved. The B Vitamins are important for skin and nerves. In herbal and fruit teas the refreshing characteristics of the respective fruits and herbs are unfurled.


Herbal Tea

Twinings herbal tea creations are extremely popular thanks to their light and delicate taste as well as the many health benefits of the ingredients. Twinings herbal teas are free of caffeine and are therefore an ideal drink whatever the time of day.

Pure Peppermint
Selection Pack
Fruit Tea

Twinings fruit teas contain a perfectly-balanced blend of fruity aromas and are particularly fresh, low in calories and free of caffeine. These teas are not only enjoyable as a hot drink, but can also be prepared as a refreshing iced tea in hotter summer months.

Lemon Twist
Selection Pack
Lemon and Ginger
Peach and Passion fruit
Strawberry and Mango
Green Tea

The green tea range by Twinings in four refreshing flavours unites wellness and taste. Green tea is full of vitamins, contains many natural anti-oxidants and has a balancing effect on your body and soul.

Green Tea with Jasmine
Green Tea with Lemon
Pure Green Tea
Selection Pack
Black Tea

Loose leaf or in teabags, flavoured or pure. Original English black tea in many convincing varieties including unique specialities such as for example Twinings Lady Grey or Twinings Selection Packs are available to the buying public.

Ceylon Orange Pekoe
Earl Grey
English Breakfast
Lady Grey
Prince of Wales
Selection Pack
Aromatic Black Tea Selection