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Kambly Pastry – noble variety for every taste

Kambly has epitomized the Swiss tradition of fine biscuits for three generations. Kambly products offer an exquisite taste experience: refined treats, created by Kambly's confectioners' in accordance to the tradition of the house, inspired by the ideas of the Haute Confiserie, applying every care and by every trick in the book, using only the best ingredients – quality without compromise.

In the heart of Switzerland, in the Emmental valley, Kambly has been baking speciality biscuits for about 100 years, day in, day out, with the same dedication. The Emmental valley is home to fresh milk and butter, and the quality of life there is tangible. Most of the ingredients come from local suppliers, for example, the flour and butter for the "Bretzeli" come from the local mill and the local cheese dairy in Trubschachen.

More than 80 percent of the ingredients are from Switzerland or are processed in Switzerland, for instance, the chocolate is produced in accordance to Kambly's own recipe by renowned Swiss chocolate manufacturers.

Kambly finest quality biscuits

Fine biscuits

Bretzeli, 98g
Butterfly Lemon, 100g
Butterfly Noisettes, 100g
Butterfly, 100g
Carré aux Amandes, 80g
Chocolune, 100g
Coeur Truffé, 100g
Délice de Coco, 80g
Éclats de Pistaches, 80g
Éclats de Noisettes, 100g
Florentin, 100g
Matterhorn, 100g
Kambly Assorted Biscuits

An exquisite assortment of the finest Swiss biscuit specialties.

Primavera, 175g