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Ovaltine, the uniqe malt cocoa drink from Switzerland has been a great success for more than 100 years. Today, Ovaltine is available in over 50 countries worldwide. Originally, Ovaltine was introduced to the market as an „energy nutriment“ against nutritional deficiencies. Today, especially active people swear by the tasty energiser for body and soul. Also parents who wish to give their children something healthy to drink - whether for breakfast or inbetween meals - happily choose Ovaltine. Because Ovaltine is a natural power drink, it surfs on the wave of the rising trend of health and nutritional awareness. It is also the energiser with long-term effects.

Ovaltine – essential goodness within.

  • A balanced combination of 100% natural ingredients
  • Malt for strength and power
  • 11 vitamins and 3 minerals for vitality
  • Cocoa for a delicious taste
  • 66% less white sugar compared to other drink powders, which sometimes contain up to 80% sucrose. Ovaltine also contains significantly more vitamins and minerals than other brands.

Ovaltine – healthy energy that tastes great!


Ovomaltine Ovo Rocks, 70g

Ovaltine, with natural malt extract, is a delicious and high-quality source of vitamins, minerals and nutrition for every day. The power drink is made of 100% natural ingredients! Eleven essential vitamins plus three minerals, 66% less crystal sugar than other cocoa drinks and no artificial additives all add up to pure, nutritional value for you! Ovo has a unique taste with a subtle malty flavour to provide a steady release of energy at any time of day. Ovaltine can help smooth out nutritional deficiencies and thus leads to a balanced, healthy diet.

Ovaltine - Can, 500g
Ovaltine Refill Pack, 500g
Ovaltine Chocolate Refill Pack, 500g

Ovo – YOUR energetic start to the day! Ovaltine is the perfect start to your day. As breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day, Ovaltine is an ideal companion with its unique combination of malt, vitamins and minerals to provide you with the energy you need to be healthy and fit.
In addition to the classic Ovo drink, complete your breakfast with one of these new, delicious breakfast products by Ovaltine!

Ovaltine Crisp Muesli, 500g bag
Ovaltine Crunchy Cream, 380g glass

Delicious snacks with tender milk chocolate and Ovaltine. Top-up your energy between meals and when you’re on the go with these chocolate bars and crunchy treats.

Choc Ovo, 4 x 20g
Crunchy Biscuit, 250g
Crunchy Stick, 66g
Ovolino Praliné Bar, 40g
Ovo Chocolate Bar, 100g