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Trust us with your brands

Genuport is the competent marketing and distribution organisation for international brand products in Germany. Our products belong to the premium sector of the confectionery, salty snacks, and beverage markets. They are market leaders in the respective segments.

Flexibility, speed, and expertise have made Genuport quality market leader. Thus, we enjoy the trust of many national and international brand product manufacturers.

Advantages for Manufacturers

Genuport has excellent contacts to all food distribution channels – not only in Germany, but also in Austria. Our key account management services all customers (Edeka, Rewe, Metro, Kaufland, Lekkerland, Tengelmann, and many more). With our strong sales force we cover all distribution channels of the food retailers. We service approximately 12,000 shelf metres with around 55,000 facings per week. Approximately 150,000 customer contacts per year show: We devote our power and energy to your market success.

Our Goal

We do everything to secure the best possible weighted distribution for the manufacturers of our brands in their respective product category. Your brand gains presence by being displayed on shop shelves in high quality.

Advantages for Retailers

Because of our complementary and broad, perfectly coordinated assortment we offer retailers a high variety of products from one source. With active price maintenance, high profitability and attractive POS promotions we meet all conditions for continuous sales success. As a retailer you profit from excellent mark-ups and prove the highest category expertise at the same time.

Our Goal

We use every possibility to secure the best possible marketing mix for retailers in their respective product category. With an ideal assortment we secure maximal earnings for you.