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Genuport Trade GmbH is one of the biggest and most state-of-the-art importers and distributors of foods in Germany. Genuport imports well-known food brands from more than 20 different countries and manages the brands’ marketing and distribution in Germany. As an international distributor, the company has distribution centres in Germany and the United Kingdom, and has many years of experience in the market launch of food brands. The company intends to expand into other countries in Europe in the future as well as tap new sales channels.


Key facts about the company

Founded in 1949, the family-owned enterprise has evolved into a dynamic and global organisation. With its workforce of 160, Genuport now handles the distribution and brand management of more than 50 national and international food brands. Its portfolio comprises various categories ranging from confectionery and breakfast products to functional foods and frozen foods. We serve the retail sector as a one-stop shop for multiple interesting brands. This results in cost advantages and marketing synergy effects.


Year founded






Long-standing brand partnerships

Our partnerships with brand owners are designed with growth in mind and are founded on trust and many years of successful collaboration. Many of the brands we distribute have consequently been with us for many years – and in some case, decades – and continue to develop positively. The majority of the products belong to the premium segment of the food sector and have leading positions in their market segments in their respective countries of origin. We bring top brands to Germany and make supermarket shelves more diverse.

About Us

A successful family-owned enterprise for 75 years

Genuport Trade GmbH is a globally operating family-owned enterprise with a workforce of approximately 160. Our core areas of expertise are the distribution and marketing of international food brands. Founded in 1949, our company is now one of the biggest importers and distributors of foods in Germany and has evolved into a dynamic and global organisation.

Genuport as an employer

As one of the biggest importers and distributors of luxury items and foods in Germany, we are aware that we have our employees to thank for our success.

We intend to continue to grow in the future on the basis of strong brands, innovative distribution concepts and our motivated team, and successfully further develop the categories we supply within the luxury items and food segment together with the retailers. Grow with us!

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