is our core area of expertise in food retail, the sports channel and online

Comprehensive distribution in food retail, the sports channel and online retail

In addition to all the forms of distribution in food retail (including discount stores), the convenience and health and beauty retail sectors and the sports channel, we have built up our distribution expertise above all in the online sector. We created a dedicated E-Commerce unit for this purpose.

Food retail

Conventional food retail remains our primary sales channel. We supply supermarkets, drugstores and discount stores.

Sports channel

The sports channel is very important for our functional food brands. Our customers here include gyms, sports shops, sports nutrition shops and specialist online sports shops.


With our own online team, we serve marketplaces such as Amazon and vitafy as well as online food retail channels such as REWE Online, EDEKA24 and others.





sales reps


key account managers

Genuport boasts excellent contacts in all the food retail channels – not only in Germany, but also in Austria. We can guarantee quick and comprehensive distribution development.

These days, the market is highly concentrated, with there being just a handful of large retail companies that can prescribe the logistics processes due to their size. A distinction is made here between warehouse delivery and drop shipping. Manufacturing companies can either deliver to a retail company’s warehouses or directly to the retail stores (supermarkets).

Warehouse distribution

Our Key Account Management handles all the key accounts and lists the major and most common items in a warehousing list. Various central and regional warehouses are operated depending on the size of the retail company.

Approximately 75 per cent of our products are distributed to the food retail companies’ central warehouses. The costs are reduced by means of mixed deliveries in large lorries. 

Direct store delivery

Our strong field staff comprising 85 employees manage stores throughout Germany. The field staff’s responsibilities include customer care, advising customers regarding new product sales and secondary displays, and generating customer evaluations.

They additionally engage in market observation and competitor analyses. Approximately 25 per cent of our products are delivered directly to the stores.

Secondary placements at POS

Displays and other secondary placements are important tools for greater visibility at the POS.

Secondary displays serve to influence the consumers’ decisions at the POS and generate impulse buys with attractive offers. Secondary displays also have the advantage of creating visual highlights on the sales floor again and again and of giving the customers something new to discover. Promotions can likewise be communicated well using displays.



Genuport supplies approximately 1,500 gyms with sports nutrition and functional food products. Our own sports field staff offer the gyms advice regarding our diverse product range. No matter whether the fitness goal is stamina, muscle development or weight loss, we have just the right products and assist our partners in selecting a suitable product portfolio. We also offer suitable advertising materials and activities at the POS.

Sports shops and sports nutrition shops

Sports shops get people moving. High-quality sports nutrition products should be included to round out your existing portfolio of sports equipment and clothing. Genuport has its own sports field staff who can offer professional advice regarding the extensive array of products.

Sports nutrition shops specialise in sports nutrition. Genuport supplies the entire array of products in the areas of sports nutrition and functional foods, and offers assistance here too in the form of advice and extensive knowledge.

Online sports shops

Genuport supplies numerous online shops which are dedicated to the area of sport and sports nutrition. Many consumers appreciate being able to select their products from a wide array of different brands. Our Key Accounts department offers retailers expert advice on the extensive and high-quality portfolio of sports nutrition and functional food products.

A dedicated B2B shop at vertrieb.multipower.de makes making follow-up stock orders quick and easy.


According to studies, a third of all food will be bought online by 2025. Genuport is following this trend. With its dedicated online team, Genuport offers services in the areas of online retail and online marketing solutions. A dedicated B2B shop has been created for sports products. We also serve the food retail sector’s online channels.

Amazon & other online shops

Online retail means new and different skills and technologies are needed to those which are familiar to us. Genuport is therefore creating a team for digital product and key account management alongside its traditional key account management in food retail.

This team specialises in placing products in marketplaces and then advertising them using banners and newsletters, allowing turnover to be managed in a targeted manner.

B2B Shop

Another step in the company’s digital strategy is the development of its own sales platforms. The B2B online shop for the sports channel was launched in autumn 2020. At vertrieb.multipower.de, Genuport offers a platform with comprehensive services – customers such as gyms can order sports nutrition products quickly and efficiently, and are immediately given feedback regarding availability, the delivery date and the minimum shelf life, as well as regular updates regarding promotions and offers.

Rewe Online, Edeka 24 & others

The food retail sector has expanded its online channels further too, with online platforms now offered by the likes of REWE Online, EDEKA24 and others. Our key account managers list our brands and manage the marketing activities in these food retail channels. The supplies are delivered to the retail partners’ central warehouses.

The major advantage for the retail sector is that the retailers are very close to the consumers with their stores, warehouses and structures.