For consumers, the employees and the environment

Genuport as a responsible company

Genuport is a company which is aware of its responsibilities and has the highest quality standards. We assume responsibility for the consumers, our employees and the environment.


Our primary objective is to offer top-quality products and to guarantee product safety for our consumers.

Product safety

We engage in intensive dialogue with the manufacturers to ensure that nothing but products of the highest quality make it to market. The brand manufacturers are certified in accordance with recognised food safety standards or have implemented quality management systems. All the suppliers give consideration to aspects such as eco-friendliness and sustainability in the production of their high-quality products. The suppliers of organic products are subjected to particular scrutiny here.



Motivated and qualified employees are the key to our success. We offer a multifaceted and challenging work environment with long-term prospects!

People at Genuport

Good results and success are the upshot of a positive work environment. Our company structure is characterised by flat hierarchies, a high degree of personal responsibility for everyone, open communication, equal opportunity, tolerance and interpersonal relations which are founded on respect.

We encourage and support our employees in mastering their daily tasks and further developing their talent, and help them identify prospects.

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It is becoming more and more important for the future of our world and the generations to come that companies promote sustainability and the responsible growing of raw materials. As a medium-sized enterprise within the food sector, we feel we have an obligation to help achieve this goal and we therefore pursue this goal together with the brand manufacturers.

Energy procurement

We are currently installing a photovoltaic system on the roof of the Genuport head office in Norderstedt. With this system, we will be able to generate approximately 25 per cent of our electricity requirements ourselves.

We naturally also purchase sustainable electricity. 60 per cent of our electricity provider’s energy already comes from renewable energy sources such as wind power and solar arrays.


Due to the mobility transition, we have already tackled the matter of emission reduction. To advance our electromobility, an electricity charging station for EVs will be installed on the company grounds in Norderstedt in autumn 2021. This will be used not only to charge the company’s own first EVs at the head office, but also the employees’ private electric cars. 


The service providers’ energy management

We work closely with renowned transport service providers who can produce evidence of IFS Logistics certification as well as certified energy management systems. Among other things, IFS Logistics prescribes the storage and transport conditions that apply for foods.

Our packaging service providers believe in using recyclable materials. For example, initial tests have been run regarding the use of sustainable cardboard pallets as a substitute for blue plastic CHEP pallets.