Product services

Bonus Services

Value-added services

As a service for market entry in Germany, we offer the organisation of product testing performed by an independent food institute. The institute checks the marketability of the items in Germany. We can also offer the assistance of our advertising agencies with packaging design and labelling as well as with display construction and handling.

Food testing

All the products distributed by us are tested by various independent food institutes. We coordinate food testing between the manufacturers and the laboratories. The institutes also examine the packaging and labelling in terms of their marketability in Germany. The areas of activity here include conventional food analyses, declaration checks, opinions (including in relation to complaints), and the issuing of certificates.

Display services

Across all the brands, we place approximately 85,000 displays a year. Secondary displays demonstrably boost brand awareness. Greater market visibility boosts sales. We develop just the right displays for each and every brand, including tailored sorting. The manufacturers often supply the display materials and we then set up the display. In other cases, we provide assistance with display development, customisation and distribution.

Economies of scale to lower the distribution costs

Genuport serves the retail sector as a one-stop shop for multiple brands. By marketing multiple brands within a single category, the distribution costs can be significantly lowered in comparison to individual marketing.

Pooling a number of brands for logistics and distribution work results in efficiency gains. In addition to fixed cost degression, marketing advantages can be exploited too. At Genuport, the brands are managed by expert teams.



In a number of cases, there is the option of directly adding German texts and food labelling to the products. Here, Genuport offers a German-language labelling service.


Repacking is rearranging a pallet from one configuration to another to fulfil a customer order or marketing change or due to retail-related necessity such as a promotion.