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Tailored logistics for your brands

In times of Brexit, exchange rate fluctuations, embargoes and other logistical challenges, capable partners with logistics expertise in the area of goods import are becoming more and more important. Thanks to our 70 years of experience as the distributor of well-known food brands, we boast a very high level of distribution expertise. We are also experts at planning and at sourcing brands from all over the world. For us, collaboration with premium partners in the areas of logistics and import management is essential.


With a large network of logistics partners and constant monitoring, we ensure that your goods are always transported to their destination safely and without being damaged.


When it comes to logistics, high quality standards are a must. We collaborate exclusively with top service providers with the appropriate certification (GFSI).


Genuport Trade GmbH has multiple certifications too – we have had organic certification for many years and we also have IFS Broker Version 3 certification.



Drawing on our large network of logistics partners and the import expertise of our Order Management team, we will always identify the right solution for you, transporting your goods to the destination warehouse safely and without being damaged. Thanks to ongoing delivery monitoring, we are able to react to changes quickly and adapt our processes to the circumstances at short notice.


Together with our logistics partners, we offer tailored logistics solutions for foods of all types and temperature requirements. Our transport services are standardised and food safety is a matter of course for us – our logistics partners offer state-of-the-art refrigeration technology, batch tracking, certified quality management and trained staff for the professional and hygienic handling of foods. Transparency and uninterrupted tracking allow for quick reactions.



Storage Positions




Displays & Special Structures


Our storage locations are among the most state-of-the-art food warehouses in Europe, offering approximately 24,000 ambient, chilled and frozen storage positions as well as expert handling.


Fully automated process integration guarantees constant goods quality, from the order picking and transportation to delivery to the customer.

Key Facts

Genuport directs 90,000 consignments a year with a consignment weight of more than 24,000 tonnes. We are a display customisation specialist and supply 145,000 displays and special structures a year.


Organic certification

Specific rules apply to foods bearing the organic logo, and these apply to the trade sector too. Since 2005, companies that trade in organic food have been obliged to participate in a Community law control procedure in accordance with the EU’s legal provisions regarding organic farming. Genuport has had organic certification since 2005 and is a specialist in this field.