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Communication - brand management - controlling

In addition to distribution, we are experts in brand management. Our primary objective is market success for all the products ad brands. Your brand is in good hands with us. We offer our partners a mix of traditional and modern marketing tools and PR services. Our expert Brand Management team manages brand campaigns and analyses the results on the basis of KPIs.

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We offer comprehensive 360° marketing. For most of our brands, the brand communication is a combination of traditional and modern marketing tools.

brand management

Our experienced team of 20 brand managers develops bespoke marketing campaigns for your brands in the German market in collaboration with various advertising agencies.


Controlling is an important part of campaign management. We analyse the market with regard to each category and also review all the marketing measures on the basis of KPIs.


For our bigger brands, we tend to realise integrated marketing campaigns comprising a mix of traditional tools such as outdoor advertising, print, radio, TV and sales promotions featuring competitions and modern tools such as online and social media activities.

ATL - above the line

Together with our advertising agencies, we produce tailored media plans and manage traditional advertising measures for our brands, such as print (newspapers, magazines), broadcasting (radio, TV) and out-of-home advertising. The outdoor advertising can also be mobile, for example on buses.

ATL activities such as TV, radio, print and billboards can be booked nationally or regionally. Billboard advertising can therefore even be managed locally, for example in the vicinity of specific supermarkets.

BTL - below the line

For greater visibility at the point of sale, we realise POS promotions with secondary displays and competitions as well as tastings and samplings. These demonstrably help to boost brand awareness.

Another trend in the area of BTL is sampling boxes which are sent to the consumers’ homes. The consumers can then put new products to the test at their leisure and submit their product reviews as feedback.


We offer all the modern online advertising tools. In addition to brand websites and banner placement, we use Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, and collaborate with influencers who act as brand ambassadors.

Together with our advertising agencies and our own E-Commerce unit, we advertise our brands in online marketplaces. Once the products have been listed on a platform, they are advertised on a regular basis.


New brands, the new products of existing brands and promotions are regularly showcased in our company PR. As well as company PR, we also publish PR for certain brands.

We serve both the trade press and consumer press. We also book retail ads in the food trade press, both in print and online.

We would be delighted to draw up a PR plan for your brand.                                            



Campaign management

Our expert Brand Management team has many years of experience in launching and marketing brands in the German market.

The advertising campaigns are realised together with our specialist advertising agencies. From campaign planning, realisation and analysis to the campaign final report, your brand is in the best of hands with us.                      



KPI monitoring

Activity analysis is crucial in advertising too. Thanks to defined KPIs such as reach, cost per click (CPC), engagement rate, etc., we are able to efficiently gauge the performance of the marketing campaigns.

Only on the basis of precise KPI monitoring can we identify and eliminate the parts that may be responsible for inefficiencies and therefore improve further still in terms of effectiveness and efficiency in the future and make more targeted use of the marketing budget.


For us, budget management and cost control are a matter of course. We analyse the market and review every marketing measure.

The marketing goals and the marketing budget are developed together with the brand owner. Our Brand Management team is responsible for strategic and operational marketing management and ongoing controls based on target-performance comparisons.

Compliance & Regulations


As a service for market entry in Germany, we offer the coordination of product testing performed by an independent food institute. The institute checks the marketability of the items in Germany.

We are happy to advise you on all matters relating to product declaration and labelling as well as advertising foods in compliance with the Health Claims Regulation.


Regulation (EC) No 178/2002 is the authoritative food law. It lays down the general principles and requirements for foods in terms of consumer protection and transparency, and defines the responsibilities of the food business operators.

The food businesses are responsible for the traceability of foods through all stages of production, processing and distribution. There are additionally hygiene rules which must be observed.