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Individual export solutions

At Genuport, Export is an independent and fast-growing business unit. We offer our strategic export solution not only for our own brands, but also for some of the distribution brands entrusted to us.

We currently provide export services in more than 25 countries. We primarily operate in European business, and countries such as Austria, Italy and Switzerland are currently the most important export countries for our brands and our business. In addition, the number of strategic partners is increasing in other markets, including those outside the EU.

In 2020, we added another strategic pillar to our export business with the acquisition of British distributor Trustin Foods. We also want to harness synergies with existing partnerships to expand our export activities.



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Our export components

Export of Genuport brands

Genuport itself owns several brands in the functional food, chocolate, sweet pastry and savoury snack categories. The largest brands among them are the functional food brands Multipower, Champ and Multaben.

We not only sell our functional food brands in the German market through various channels, such as food retailers, chemists, sports retailers and gyms, but have already built up a significant share of exports for them and are already exporting them to 14 countries.  

Our chocolate brand SCHO-KA-KOLA, our biscuit brands Biscuiterie Charlotte, Pasticceria Italiana and Gaston and our savoury snack brands Yinwa and Cräx have customers in different countries. To this end, we are gradually expanding our international business and are proud of our export performance in recent years.

For generations, SCHO-KA-KOLA has been delighting people with its striking, round tin with eye-catching beam design. It contains 16 melt-in-the-mouth SCHO-KA-KOLA corners, available in the classic dark version or as a milk version. Whether bitter or sweet, both varieties are characterised by their unique recipe with natural caffeine from cocoa, kola nut and coffee. The kola nut makes SCHO-KA-KOLA a special caffeine chocolate.

Our brand SCHO-KA-KOLA already has fans all over the world.

Export of distribution brands

In addition to our own brands, we also export some of the distribution brands to selected regions. We are supported by distribution partners with whom we have long-standing business relationships.

We are entrusted with the export of several brands and are gradually building up distribution for them. For Pretzel Pete, we have the distribution rights for Europe.

We will also be happy to look for new strategic alliances with our export partners for your brand in order to open up new markets.


Trustin Foods UK

With the acquisition of our sister company Trustin Foods in the UK, we set another strategic milestone in our company’s history in 2020. The integration of this company into our corporate structure is proving to be a success factor for further expanding our export business outside the EU, especially after Brexit.

Trustin Foods’ agile structure offers the perfect distribution platform for the UK market, which we can also offer to our partners and own brands as an additional export service.

As a result, we have two subsidiaries of our own in two major European countries – Germany and the UK.


Synergies through strategic partnerships

We are looking for further strategic partnerships with brand owners in order to further expand our export business in the future. This makes it possible to harness further synergies.

One idea is: we distribute the brands in Germany and the brand owner distributes our brands in their home country or establishes contacts for us with other partners in their home country.

We have already found partnerships in the UK, Austria and other countries and would like to establish partnerships for additional markets.