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The peppermint sweet classic: The origins of the Altoids brand go as far back as the reign of George III in the year 1780. Smith & Company, a confectionery producer from London developed a remarkably strong pastille which alleviated digestive problems.
The name Altoids is derived from the Latin word „alt“ – to change and the Greek word „oids“ - to take shape.
Altoids are produced according to a special recipe that is over 180 years old and based on peppermint oil. They are much stronger than regular mints. Altoids contain exclusively natural ingredients. The almost 200 year old history of Altoids and countless examples of remarkable advertising campaigns can be found on their website.


ALTOIDS Peppermints

A top product for peppermint lovers, produced using natural ingredients exclusively.

Altoids Peppermints, 50g