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Amica Chips

As one of the market leading snack manufacturers in Italy, Amica offers delicious products for snack lovers using high quality ingredients and a high quality manufacturing process.

For further information please visit www.amicachips.it

Amica Bi-Bip

Amica Bi-Bip is an especially crispy corn snack with the flavour of delicious cheese.

Amica Bi-Bip, 100g
Amica Eldorada and Alfredo's

The range of Amica Eldorada offers light crisps in 4 unique taste variations.

Amica Alfredo‘s Black Truffle, 100g
Amica Eldorada Barbecue, 130g
Amica Eldorada Low Fat, 130g
Amica Eldorada Olive oil, 130g
Amica Eldorada Rosmary, 130g