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Caotina: Pure Pleasure from Swiss Chocolate

The premium brand for unsurpassed Swiss cocoa delight has been produced by the company Wander since 1963 in Switzerland, in the city of Neuenegg. The premium cocoa beverage powder with genuine Swiss chocolate is today also known as the “Queen” or “Rolls Royce” of cocoa beverage powders due to its incomparable and full-bodied taste.

With Variety in the AssortmentSince 2008, Caotina blanc and noir – the white and dark drinking chocolate – have created a change in the product range as an addition to the classic milk-chocolate version of Caotina surfin. The chocolate dream in white impresses with 17% genuine Swiss chocolate, the tenderly dark delight consists of 43% cocoa and 7% Swiss chocolate. Thus, Caotina offers every chocolate fan his or her personal highlight. And it is not just the incomparable taste of Caotina that makes the hearts of chocolate lovers beat faster. There are also positive effects on one's health, especially on the cardiovascular system. Since the 18th century, cocoa has been said to have these positive impacts. The vitamins and minerals contained in Caotina increase one's well-being.

Drinking Powder

The classic for a full taste experience and demanding connoisseurs! Made with genuine Swiss chocolate, Caotina offers the highest variety of tastes. Caotina original with finest milk chocolate, Caotina noir with fine dark chocolate or Caotina blanc with delicate white chocolate provides an incomparable chocolate experience.

At home, the Caotina cans in the package sizes of 200g or 500g are ideal, for on the go or for the gastronomy, the portion packs come in convenient sticks, each with 15g cocoa powder!

Caotina blanc, 500g
Caotina noir, 500g
Caotina original Sticks, 10x15g
Caotina original, 200g
Caotina original, 500g

Caotina Crème Chocolat: Der pure Schokoladengenuss
Jetzt gibt es Caotina nicht nur als köstliche Trinkschokolade,
sondern auch als cremigen Schokoladenaufstrich.
Echte Schweizer Schokolade und hochwertiger Kakao
machen die Caotina Crème köstlich schokoladig.
Caotina Crème Chocolat ist seidig glatt und lässt sich
perfekt streichen. Der pure Schokoladengenuss.

Caotina Crème Chocolat, 300g