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Baked according to an old family recipe, a treat by themselves or good with cheese. Perfect for dips, as a base for fine spreads and garnishing or as a fine side for soups.

Carr’s Assorted Biscuits for Cheese

A large variety of nine different crackers - each one a special culinary experience.

Carr’s Biscuits for Cheese, 200g
Carr’s Cream Cracker

Crispy shell meets soft, fluffy cracker core.

Carr’s Cream Crackers, 200g
Carr’s Table Water

Wafer-thin, crispy golden-brown baked crackers made from high quality ingredients. Available as a classic or alternatively with sesame.

Carr's Table Water (3 Biscuits), 9g
Carr's Table Water Original, 125g
Carr's Table Water Sesame Seeds, 125g