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Guaranteed quality since 1891. More than a century of tradition united in finest Belgian chocolate and pastries – that's Delacre. From the very first homemade chocolate of the inventor and namesake, pharmacist Charles Delacre, to the refined pastry creations of the patissiers from the house of United Biscuits: here at Delacre, we place a lot of importance on quality and perfection down to the very last detail. Great art can be recognized by small gestures.

Biscuit Assortments Tea Time & Avignon

Our selection for true gourmets. The Delacre biscuit selections are always something special. Carefully selected and lovingly combined, they put the traditional Delacre indulgence on the table. From the chocolaty »Délichoc« to the fine »Coeur Blanc«, each of our biscuit creations has its own particular flair – and its own fans. But let us be honest: you've already found that out for yourself, haven't you?

Avignon, 200g
Tea Time, 1kg
Tea Time, 200g
Tea Time, 500g
Mono Pastry

Mono pastry in the best company. Each is already a true classic on its own – and a unique delight when combined. Marquisettes, Biarritz and Cigarettes Russes are among the most popular Delacre products. Allow us to enchant you and enjoy the passion that lies within each and every Delacre biscuit. After all, they are made according to the original Dutch recipe, which is more than 400 years old.

Delacre Biarritz, 125g
Delacre Cigarettes Russes Box C&C, 1000g
Delacre Cigarettes Russes, 200g
Delacre Marquisette Noir, 110g
Delacre Marquisettes, 100g
Delacre Speculoos, 250g