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Göteborgs – Sweden’s most popular cookie/biscuit

Ballerina & Singoalla – The Swedish Classics

Delicious double biscuits, filled with various chocolate or fruity creams – Göteborgs’ “Ballerina” und “Singoalla” sandwich biscuits are also known and appreciated among German costomers..


Ballerina is a double biscuit with a creamy nougat or milk chocolate filling. In Sweden, Ballerina is the number one biscuit for “Fika”, the traditional Swedish coffee time, and popular with young and old.

Ballerina Milk Chocolate, 190g
Ballerina Nougat Cream, 180g
Ballerina Dubbelicious

Ballerina Dubbelicious is a double biscuit with double stuffing: two different cream fillings in a sandwich biscuit. A delicious combination of fruit and milk chocolate filling.

Dubbelicious Orange, 185g
Dubbelicious Vanilla, 185g

Singoalla is a short crust biscuit with vanilla cream and fruit filling. In Sweden, Singoalla is both the best-selling fruit and berry-flavoured biscuit and favourite summer biscuit: 58% of all Singoallas are sold from May to August.

Singoalla Strawberry-Rhubarb, 190g
Singoalla Blueberry, 190g
Singoalla Raspberry, 190g