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Granny's Secret

Granny’s Secret is “Food for the soul.”
The brand offers the delicatessen specialties Ajvar and fruit spreads with honey.

Granny Secret’s Ajvar – Selected Roasted Pepper Specialties
These premium products are made on the basis of old recipes and contain 100% roasted red peppers.
They do not contain preservatives or artificial aromas. They are vegan and gluten-free.

Granny’s Secret Ajvar

Granny’s Secret Ajvar is available in three delicious flavours.

Ajvar Roasted Peppers
The classic made from roasted red sweet peppers. Ideal on bread.
Ajvar Roasted Peppers with Chili
Made from roasted red sweet peppers, refined with hot chilli. Perfect with meat and other dishes for a fine spicy tartness.
Ajvar Roasted Peppers with Tomatoes & Chili
Made from roasted red sweet peppers, refined with tomatoes and chili. Can be used as a sidedish as well as on a steak when having a barbecue.

Ajvar Roasted Peppers with Chili, 200g
Ajvar Roasted Peppers with Tomatoes & Chili, 200g
Ajvar Roasted Peppers, 200g
Granny’s Secret Fruit & Honey

Fruit spread with honey – selected fruits combined with honey

60% fruit and 40% honey provide the perfect balance and a harmonious taste – without added sugar.

Pure fruit enjoyment due to the selection of first-class fruits and 30% less calories than in comparable fruit spreads that contain sugar. Without the addition of preservatives and without artificial flavours.

This new flavour explosion comes in 4 different flavours:
Apricot & Honey, Triple Berry & Honey, Strawberry & Honey, and Black Current & Honey.

Apricot & Honey, 230g
Triple Berry & Honey, 230g
Strawberry & Honey, 230g
Black Currant & Honey, 230g