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Heimatgut – natural variety of snacks with the best ingredients

Snacking? Yes, but with a clear conscience! Heimatgut's high-quality products are aimed at anyone looking for an all-natural snacking experience. Good for the motherland: 100 percent natural, vegan, and organic – with these characteristics and a special range, Heimatgut sets itself apart from its competitors in the salty snacks segment. Since January 2019, Genuport's portfolio includes organic popcorn, coconut chips, lentil chips, and peanut quinoa flips – all in the best organic quality.

Organic Popcorn

Organic popcorn in 3 different flavours: Sweet, Cinnamon, and Sweet & Salty.

Organic Popcorn Sweet & Salty, 90g (CZ-BIO-001)
Organic Popcorn Sweet, 90g (CZ-BIO-001)
Organic Lentil Chips & Peanut Quinoa Flips

Organic Lentil Chips in the flavours Rosemary and Sweet Chili and Peanut Quinoa Flips.

Bio Erdnuss Hafer Flips, 115g (HU-BIO-01)
Organic Peanut Quinoa Flips, 115g (HU-BIO-01)
Organic Lentil Chips Rosemary, 75g (CZ-BIO-001)
Organic Lentil Chips Sweet Chili, 75g (CZ-BIO-001)
Protein Snack
Organic Protein Flips Original, 75g (NL-BIO-01)
Organic Protein Flips Vegan Sour Cream, 75g (NL-BIO-01)