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Eye-catching designs for more attention at the POS

Bob, the night dragon, has a magical sense for sweetness.He always finds the best and tastiest sweets and devourspreferably a whole mountain at once. Bob's Magic is a selectionof Bob's favourite sweet and sour treats.

Bob’s Magic

These ten new Bob's Magic candy bags are innovative, child-friendly, and “cool”, both in layout and content. The bright and striking green of the packaging attracts attention in the candy store and addresses the children to taste the sweets.
The candy bag as a whole looks like a funny green monster that has the sweets in its mouth and smiles at children and parents with a winking eye. A bag equals a “serving” of confectionery and is neither too big nor too small!

Colourful bottles, 90g
The Pulpi's, 90g
Lipsticks, 35g
Liselotte Fleckenvieh, 90g
Party Mix, 60g
Peach rings, 90g
Penguin gang, 90g
Sour Rainbow Stripes, 70g
Siggi's sour worms, 90g
Candy Necklaces, 90g