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ISOSTAR – the healthy sports drink by professionals for professionals.
Whether you're a hobby or a competitive athlete: the Isostar range offers the right portion of energy to meet all demands. Thanks to continuous research in sports nutrition, Isostar even has its own committee for sports medicine. Furthermore, Isostar cooperates with some of the best sports laboratories in Europe in order to keep developing new and effective products. Isostar also makes a clear statement in its market: with the "Clean Engagement" seal, the brand underlines its anti-doping commitment.

Hydration & Endurance

Isostar Hydrate & Perform is an isotonic electrolyte drink and has been especially developed to support athletic performance.

Hydrate & Perform Fresh Grapefruit, powder, 400g
Hydrate & Perform Orange, powder, 400g
Hydrate & Perform Red Fruits, powder, 400g
Hydrate & Perform Lemon, powder, 400g
Powertabs Cranberry, Tabs, 120g
Powertabs Lemon, Tabs, 120g
Bottle Push & Pull, 0.5 litres
Bottle push & pull, 1 liter
High Energy Bar

Muscle growth and preservation. The Isostar High Energy Bars provide energy from different carbohydrates. The contained vitamins help decrease fatigue and tiredness. In addition, the vitamins help support the energy metabolism.

Energy Sport Bar Multi fruit, 40g
Energy Sport Bar Chocolate, 35g
High Energy Fruit Boost Strawberry, 10 x 10g
Long Distance Energy

Isostar Long Distance Energy is an isotonic electrolyte drink and the perfect combination of simple and complex carbohydrates, especially developed to support athletic performance.

Long Distance Energy Orange, powder, 790g
Energy Gel

Isostar Energy Gel is concentrated energy in the form of valuable carbohydrates. The gel is easy to digest and very tasty. The handy packaging and the ideal portion size make Isostar Energy Gel the vital partner for sports and competition.

Banana Strawberry with Caffeine, 35g
Cherry with Caffeine, 35g
Neutral, 35g
High Protein
High Protein 25 Hazelnut bar, 35g
High Protein 25, Strawberry, bar, 35g
High Protein 25, Yogurt bar, 35g
High Protein 90 Pure Neutral, 700g
High Protein 90 Chocolate, 700g
High Protein 90 Vanilla, 700g