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Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniel’s, the traditional Tennessee Whiskey from Lynchburg, Tennessee in the USA, has made a name for itself in this country. Its brand awareness in Germany has a rate of 90 percent recognition. Jack Daniel’s Black Label particularly stands out as the top selling whiskey in the world and the number 1 imported whiskey in Europe.

Sauces, spices and marinades all year round
Recognizing this potential, the brand launched a true product innovation on the German market: Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauces with real whiskey. Of course, this appeals to BBQ kings across Germany. Every summer, approximately 40 million Germans fire up their barbeques and reach for tangy sauces.
However, sauces are not just hot stuff in the summer. The winter season is a time of companionability, especially during Christmas and New Year’s. People enjoy coming together for cosy meals of fondue or raclette topped with the delicious sauces by Jack Daniel’s.

From Whiskey to Sauce
The idea to launch BBQ sauces under the Jack Daniel’s brand was developed in a similarly cosy atmosphere. In 2004, the famous BBQ Hill Restaurant opened in Lynchburg, Tennessee – the home of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey. The menu reflects the restaurant’s name with an abundance of BBQ steaks and grill classics, which are now all served with Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauces. Available in four different flavours, these sauces are sure to turn your meal into a delightful culinary experience – whether used as a sauce, marinade or to add a delicious finishing touch to your meal. They are also ideal for sandwiches and baguettes or as a dip for snacks such as crisps and pretzels.

Tradition since 1866
The distillery was founded by Jasper “Jack” Daniel, who started making whiskey when he was just 13 years old. In 1866, when Jack was 16, the company “Jack Daniel’s” was the first distillery to be entered in the USA trade register. Following Jack’s death in 1911, his nephew, Lem Motlow, inherited the distillery, which now belongs to the Brown-Forman Corporation. All Jack Daniel‘s whiskey products are still produced in Lynchburg, Tennessee.


BBQ Sauces

The Jack Daniel’s taste experience Gourmets, BBQ kings and hobby chefs alike have reason to get excited! The unique Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauces are the first sauces ever to contain original Jack Daniel’s whiskey. Available in the three flavours Hot Chilli, Smokey and Smooth Original, they are suitable for marinating, dipping and, of course, as a barbeque sauce. The marinade Jack Daniel's Barbecue Glaze complements the Jack Daniel's BBQ Sauces.

Jack Daniel's BBQ Glaze Tennessee Honey, 275g
Jack Daniel‘s BBQ Sauce Smokey Cola, 250g
Jack Daniel’s BBQ Glaze Smokey Sweet, 275g
Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauce Hot Chilli, 260g
Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauce Smokey, 260g
Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauce Smooth Original, 260g