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Kerrygold Shortbread

Kerrygold Shortbread –
traditional Shortbread with best Kerrygold Butter.
The secret of the best shortbread is the best butter.

  • Kerrygold Shortbread is made with original Kerrygold Butter. The cows that give their milk, graze on Irish pastures for up to 300 days a year.

  • The shortbread contains 30% fine Irish butter, giving it an incomparable delicate taste.

  • Excellent for a picnic or a snack in between, both at school and at work.

  • Traditionally served with tee or coffee.

Kerrygold Shortbread
Kerrygold, Shortbread 180g
Kerrygold, Shortbread 2 x 25g