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The royal chocolate indulgence from Sweden: incomparably tasty due to the fine hint of caramel and the creamy, delicate melt.

This premium assortment with extraordinary taste variations fulfills every chocolate wish and has the right product for every occasion:

  • the 250g chocolate bars for the whole family or to enjoy alone
  • the handy rolls for out and about

Marabou is the purveyor of the King of Sweden and the leading chocolate manufacturer in Scandinavia for over 100 years now.

The secret of the recipe lies in the harmony of the raw materials and manufacturing process. Because top-quality ingredients are used and the manufacturing process is especially good for full flavour, Marabou creates chocolate of the best purity. They keep constant control on the processes.

Marabou Rolls

The roll assortment for out and about offers three great taste variations:

Roll Daim, 67g
Roll Mint-Chocolate, 78g
Roll Whole Milk, 74g
Marabou Chocolate Bar

The chocolate bar assortment offers five incomparable taste combinations, so there is something for everyone.

Bar Orange and Brittle, 250g
Bar Daim, 250g
Bar Mint Brittle, 250g
Bar Licorice, 220g
Bar Salt & Almond, 200g
Bar Whole Milk, 250g
Bar Whole Milk Nut, 250g
Marabou Cookies Daim, 184g
Marabou Cookies Milk Chocolate, 184g
Marabou Cookies Dark Chocolate, 184g
Marabou Bites
Marabou Bites Crisp, 140g
Marabou Bites Daim, 145g
Marabou Bites Oreo, 140g