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Italian Ice Cream in Organic Quality on Soy or Rice Basis

The advantages at a glance:

  • 100% organic cultivation of the ingredients used
  • 100% vegan
  • thus milk-free and naturally lactose-free
Coconut-based ice cream (vegan and organic)
Coconut-based ice cream vanilla cocoa (vegan and organic), 560 ml (IT-BIO-009)
Coconut-based Organic mini sticks, 4 x 80ml (IT-BIO-009)
Coconut-based Organic Ice cream sandwich, 8 x 71ml (IT-BIO-009)
Rice-based Ice Cream (vegan and organic)
Rice-based Organic Ice Cream vanilla-cocoa, 560 (IT-BIO-009)
Rice-based Organic Ice Cream Mini Sticks, 4 x 80 ml (IT-BIO-009)
Rice-based Organic Ice Cream Vanilla-Raspberry in a cup, 560 ml (IT-BIO-009)
Soy-based Organic Ice Cream
Soy-based Organic Ice Cream Sticks, 3 x 120 ml (IT-BIO-009)
Soy-based Organic Ice Cream in a Cone, 4 x 120 ml (IT-BIO-009)