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Old El Paso

Old El Paso stands for authentic Mexican cuisine and offers the perfect ingredients for every occasion. The products of Old El Paso not only bring great taste sensations and exotic flavours to the house, but they are also a lot of fun. Together is bueno!

Tortilla Chips

Old El Paso‘s original tortilla chips – for dipping, sharing and enjoying the Mexican way.

The tortilla chips come in three different flavours: Salted, Queso, and Chili. Old El Paso‘s Nachips are twice-baked and extra crunchy. The perfect snack with friends and the whole family for a shared Mexican fiesta.

Nachips Original, 185g
Tortilla Chips Chili, 185g
Tortilla Chips Original, 185g
Tortilla Chips Queso, 185g
Mexican Sauces & Salsas

Great for dipping, refining, and as a topping – Old El Paso’s salsas and sauces are great for any mexican meal.
Salsas in three different flavours as well as guacamole are perfect for dipping and refining. The Taco Salsas Mild and Hot complete every Mexican feast – they can be used for refining and as a topping.

Chunky Salsa Hot For Dipping, 312g
Chunky Salsa Mild For Dipping, 312g
Guacamole For Dipping, 320g
Salsa Cheese & Red Pepper For Dipping, 320g
Taco Salsa Hot For Topping, 235g
Taco Salsa Mild For Topping, 235g
Mexican Dinner Kits

Old El Paso‘s dinner kits are the perfect introduction to Mexican cuisine. They contain all the basic ingredients for a dish. You just need to add fresh ingredients – perfect for beginners.
The dinner kits are available for four absolute classics of the Mexican cuisine: tacos, fajitas, enchiladas, and burritos. Also available as a kit: Stand‘n Stuff – soft tortillas in the unique shape of a bowl.

Burrito Kit Chili Con Carne, 620g
Enchilada Kit Cheesy Baked, 657g
Fajita Kit Smoky BBQ, 500g
Stand'n Stuff Kit Sweet Paprika & Chili, 345g
Taco Kit Sweet Paprika & Chili, 308g
Tortillas & Tacos

Tortillas and tacos are basic ingredients of the Mexican cuisine and are used in almost every dish. Tortillas can be translated to “little pies” and they are thin, round pancakes made from wheat flour. Tortillas are the bread of the Mexicans and the basis of every meal. Old El Paso offers the soft tortillas in two different sizes as well as a gluten-free version. Taco shells are crispy fried corn tortillas in the shape of a shell. The Mexican sandwiches are filled with seasoned minced meat, cheese, lettuce strips, tomatoes, and taco sauce. Filling and enjoying tortillas – never before has it been as easy as with the first tortilla shell. Thanks to their unique shell shape, the new Stand’n Stuff Soft Tortillas are particularly easy to fill with all your favourite ingredients and enjoy just as easily – without spilling the beans. Literally.

Gluten Free Tortillas Super Soft (6 Pack), 216g
Stand'n Stuff Soft Tortillas (8 Pack), 193g
Taco Shells Corn (12 Pack), 156g
Tortillas Super Soft (8 Pack), 326g
Wrap Tortillas Super Soft (6 Pack), 350g
Mexican Specialties & Spice Mixes

Old El Paso’s spice mixes give each dish an authentic Mexican flavour. Available in five different flavours: Chili, Tacos, Guacamole, Fajitas, and Mexican Potatoes. To refine Mexican dishes, Old El Paso offers specialties like Refried Beans and Sliced Green Jalapeños.

Refried Beans, 435g
Sliced Green Jalapeños, 215g
Spice Mix for Chili, 39g
Spice Mix for Fajitas, 30g
Spice Mix for Guacamole, 20g
Spice Mix for Mexican Potatoes, 30g
Spice Mix for Tacos, 25g