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Pearl River Bridge

Pearl River Bridge – Soy sauce based on Chinese brewing tradition – diverse taste

The Pearl River Bridge soy sauces are made in the traditional Chinese way:

All soy sauces are brewed naturally only with soybeans, wheat (gluten-free soy sauce: with corn), natural microorganisms, salt, water, and the sun.

The slow fermentation lasts at least 100 days. No flavour enhancers, colorants, and preservatives are used.

Dark Soy Sauce

The dark soy sauce has a distinctive aroma and a sweet tart taste. It is mainly used for marinating and preparing meat and vegetables.

PRB Dark Soy Sauce, 150 ml
Light Soy Sauce

The light soy sauce has a subtle fragrance and a lovely spicy taste. It is ideal for table seasoning, for dipping, and refining dishes. The light soy sauce is also available in organic quality.

PRB Light Soy Sauce, 150 ml
PRB Organic Light Soy Sauce, 150 ml (CN-BIO-154)
Gluten free Soy Sauce

The gluten free soy sauce is made from cornmeal and has a sweet aroma. It contains 35% less salt than the conventional light soy sauce.

PRB Gluten free and Salt reduced Soy Sauce, 150 ml