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Pepperidge Farm

Pepperidge Farm products taste as if they’re homemade – seldom has the definition of a brand been so true. It all started with homemade bread baked by Margaret Rudkin when she discovered that her son was allergic to the preservatives and artificial ingredients in commercial breads. After baking bread in her home, it did not take too long before cookies were on offer, too. These days, the Crispy Cookies with extra chunky chocolate chips and the Soft Baked Cookies with a “fresh from the oven” taste are available in various flavours.
Pepperidge Farm cookies have received multiple international consumer awards including the French label "Saveur de l'Année 2009" (Taste of the Year 2009).

Crispy Chocolate Chunk

Our insider’s tip: for a special treat, microwave cookie for 10 to 12 seconds or warm it up in the oven so that the chocolate melts inside the cookie – pure bliss! From the first bite, you’ll know why Pepperidge Farm cookies are among the best cookies in the world!

Dark Chocolate Pecan, 204g
Milk Chocolate Macadamia, 204g
White Chocolate Macadamia, 204g
Soft Baked Chocolate Chunk

The Soft Baked Cookies are the “soft” version of the American classic.

Soft Baked Dark Chocolate Brownie, 244g
Soft Baked Milk Chocolate, 244g