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Pomone – Delicious frozen tarts for unique moments of pleasure

Three different types of frozen tarts and a frozen cake based on original French recipes offer the exquisite enjoyment of the French art of baking with the simplest possible preparation:

The products of Pomone only need to be thawed slowly. The tarts are ready to serve after about four to five hours of thawing.The chocolate cake only needs to be heated at 600°C in the microwave for about 60 seconds to develop its full flavor.

The quality of the fruit – created by many years of experience in fruit growing – and the high fruit content of the fruit tarts ensure a consistent high product quality.

The Tarte Normande is made according to a classic French recipe. It is the perfect balance between cream and apples.

The lemon tart refreshes with its fruity, lemony taste. Soft cream on a crispy crust, with an intense chocolate flavour.

The chocolate tart is a delight for every gourmet. The combination of an intense chocolaty cake with a liquid core not only makes the heart.

French Tarts
Pomone Frozen Apple Tart Normande, 450g
Pomone Frozen Chocolate Cakes, 200g
Pomone Frozen Chocolate Tart, 430g
Pomone Frozen Lemon Tart, 450g