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Rocky Mountain Marshmallows

Rocky Mountain Marshmallows is the leading US marshmallow brand with the highest quality standards. As early as the 1950s, company founder Alex Doumak developed the modern marshmallow production process based on extrusion. Today this process is copied by many, without achieving the quality of the original.
Rocky Mountain Marshmallows have a distinctive light, airy texture, a balanced sweetness and a unique, alluring vanilla flavor. Due to the permeable packaging, the flavor can also have an effect on the senses. Rocky Mountain Marshmallows are available in the classic round form.

The well-known tradition from the USA of toasting marshmallows over an open fire is also popular here. With Rocky Mountain Marshmallows barbecues become an event and a real adventure for adults and children.
Rocky Mountain Marshmallows are optimally tuned to this American tradition.

  • Whether over a campfire or a barbecue, Rocky Mountain Marshmallows toast to a golden brown on the outside and melt into a gooey delight on the inside because of their outstanding melting properties.
  • By the way, the surface is sprinkled with starch during the production process to prevent the marshmallows from burning over the open flame.

Furthermore, other typical American uses are also becoming more and more popular in Germany: marshmallow fruit kebabs, marshmallow muffins or mini marshmallows as a sweetener for hot chocolate are no longer just an insider's tip, but varied highlights at many children’s birthday parties or familiy get-togethers.

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